Family Beekeepers of Illinois 2021 Annual Gun Raffle Winner: Kate King of Chatham. Pictured with VP Wayne Beck.

Family Beekeepers of Illinois 2021 Annual Gun Raffle Winner: Kate King of Chatham. Pictured with VP Wayne Beck.

Bring Your Family To Meet Ours!

The Family Beekeepers of Illinois is dedicated to the inclusion of all peoples in the world of beekeeping.  We endeavor to include all families and individuals from diverse backgrounds to join us in the effort to promote the proliferation of honeybees and other essential pollinators in the central Illinois area.

Sharing The Joy

Have you always wanted to explore beekeeping?

We are always open to new members. Contact us to help you get started.

Monthly Meetings

We hold regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month at the Taylorville, IL 4-H Christian County Extension Office at 1120 N Webster St, Taylorville, IL

Come visit us!

Shared Experiences

We are proud to bring beekeeping education and to support one another in learning and teaching. We embrace established beekeeping practices and help you keep abreast of the latest news in the field.

About Us

For The Love Of Family And Honeybees


Why We Are Different


From the very beginning, we designed our structure to be friendly and non-assuming.  We know that beginning beekeeping can be intimidating and frustrating.  It can also be a challenge to even the most seasoned beekeeper.  We want to change all of that.


We learn, teach, and act as a family.  We welcome men, women, and youths of all backgrounds to add their own special vieszpoints and experiences to our collective knowledge.  We believe that beekeeping should be a fun and prosperous adventure on which we embark together.

  • Open To Everyone
  • Family Oriented
  • Educational
  • Supportive
  • Friendly

Our Latest Work

Since beekeeping is an ever-evolving art, our monthly meetings always provide a fresh lecture every month.


We hold beginer beekeeping classes in January and February of each year.


We hold an annual Christmas party and gift giveaway. Come join us!


Main topics included overwintering nucs using the Michael Palmer method and the annual election of Officers.

A Special Treat

We have partnered with the Christian County Historical Society to educate visitors about the James C. Morrison Bee Castle built in 1880.

You can read about it online at the CCHS website.